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About Us

London’s best kept secret in the fashion industry

Fashion Production, UK, Morocco, and Romania

Specialists in producing high quality garments in both jersey, knitted and woven fabrics. With over 100 years’ experience our London-based design studio is the nucleus of our operation. From here we provide a one-stop shop of fashion production services from initial designs through to completed samples ready for reproduction.

Importantly, our shipping office manages your consignments ensuring prompt and cost-effective deliveries using access all our production sites to help with any origination issues. Our team are always available to talk through your needs, source your fabrics and help you bring your idea to a finished garment.

Fabric and Trims

At Ice Clothing we work with a number of curated suppliers who provide, at very reasonable cost, any additional required fabrics or trims you may need to complete your designs – talk to us about how this works and what you need.

UK In-House Pattern Cutting, Grading & Sample Making

Our expert team of specialised production staff, pattern cutters, graders and sample machinists will manage your vision to reality.

Ice Clothing is a focused, tightly knit team who are dedicated to exceptional customer service, great communication, and always having someone on hand to deal with any queries, ensuring an effortlessly stress-free experience.


Working in London but open to the World

Producing clothing shouldn’t weigh heavily on your conscience. We produce all our garments right here in the UK, with an additional factory in Morocco for meeting orders with tight deadlines.

Production is also available in Romania for our European clients to ensure smooth transportation of goods and ease of documentation taking all the issues from your supply chain.

Working with us, you can be confident in the knowledge that all manufacturing facilities provide excellent working conditions and are managed to the highest standards to ensure the welfare of our staff. We carry both HIC and SEDEX certifications.

Ice Clothing has established networks including distinguished suppliers with access to an enormous variety of exquisite fabrics and thousands of metres of stock. This enables the production process to move from design to product quickly, smoothly, and seamlessly.

Ice Clothing fully supports ‘Fashion With Integrity’, and we have agreed to total transparency regarding where our brands are produced. Ice Clothing is committed to meet standards complying with societal and industry expectations, national legislation and International Labour Organisation conventions. For more details, see our Transparency Policy.

Our journey to sustainability is ongoing, but we are committed to pushing boundaries in the desire to foster a more ethical way of doing business.


Sustainability and Accountability

The fashion industry is facing unprecedented change and at Ice Clothing we recognise the seriousness of environmental concerns, and the importance of green practices. With nearly three decades of experience in the fast-moving business of manufacturing clothes, we are resilient and eager to incorporate the most up-to-date, eco-friendly techniques into our methods.

Using stock fabrics, we keep it local and maintain a low carbon footprint by taking advantage of textile printing in the UK, which reduces transportation requirements. This is augmented by using multiple manufacturing facilities in London and running flexible, easily customised production lines.

Our use of SEDEX and HIC certification audits that allows us to supply you with data on ethical & responsible practices.

Ice-Clothing is committed to policies designed to support the elimination of Human Slavery, Child Labour across, and above, all industry expectations.


Our story so far

Ice Clothing has been manufacturing womenswear in the UK since 1994. Throughout our history the company ethos has remained the same – to create the highest quality garments, while striving to delight our customers with constant optimisation. We also work closely with staff and valued partners to build on an outstanding reputation within the industry. In addition to an inspiring business track record, we have accrued a great wealth of knowledge and contacts, and we draw on these to ensure we always provide work of exceptional standards backed by impeccable service.

We produce our garments in our easily accessible London-centred facilities, with an additional base in Morocco for unique requests, ensuring we can nimbly respond to urgent demands and turn ideas into beautifully finished and reliably delivered products.

Ethical Policy

Ice Clothing fully supports Fashion With Integrity, and we have agreed to total transparency regarding where our brands are produced.

Ice Clothing is committed to meeting standards complying with societal and industry expectations, national legislation and International Labour Organization conventions. For more details, see our Transparency Policy

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